BART writes poem after pics of rider eating oatmeal, shaving go viral

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If you think you've seen some strange passenger behavior on BART, wait 'til you see this. It may just take the cake. One rider's tweet has spawned an uproar on social media, and a new poem by the transit agency.

Chris Watters was riding BART to his tech marketing job in San Francisco Friday morning when lo and behold, the man next to him breaks out a bowl of oatmeal and places it on the seat next to him.

"It's watery," said Watters. "So once the train gets going you can see it's sloshing around. He's just sitting there like, 'Oh yeah, this is cool.'"

But wait, there's more. The mysterious oatmeal eater then decides to groom himself; he whipped out a cordless razor and began shaving.

"I'm like this is some of the craziest behavior I've ever seen on BART," said Watters. "He one-ups it and takes out his razor and goes ahead. It's like taking care of his business."

Watters' tweets prompted others to chime in.

Steve Kim asked, "Is he eating a bowl of cereal and then shaving into it?"

Watters said, "Didn't seem to position his bowl of watery oatmeal to catch his trimmings. He was asleep when I disembarked."

This is not the first time undesirable behavior on BART has caused a stir.

"Manspreading," as in guys who spread out and take up more than one seat, was banned for a while. And it continues to get called out on social media.

As for Friday's incident, BART tweeted a poem in response: "Shaving on BART is disgusting. Your social skills beg for adjusting. As food makes a mess and causes distress, the people around you are judging."

So, what's the weirdest thing you've seen on BART? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook by tagging #DearBART and we may show them online or on TV
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