CHP reports three times as many crashes on rainy roads after last storm compared to last year in Marin

MARIN, Calif. (KGO) -- The CHP says when the first rain of the season fell last week, they responded to more than three times as many crashes in Marin as the same time last year. And with more rain on the way, the CHP and the Marin County Fire Department are worried about what's in store this week.

"With the increasing rain, there's no doubt that we'll have an increased potential for vehicle accidents," said Battalion Chief Bret McTigue with the Marin County Fire Department.

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Last Thursday through Saturday, when it was either wet or raining, the CHP says they investigated 29 collisions in the Marin area, compared to nine collisions in the same three-day period last year.

McTigue says people need to make a conscious effort to adjust their driving habits in the rain.

"This storm will be packing a little bit more of a punch than the last storm, so if people don't give themselves room, they don't give the time get where they're going and they're not paying attention and being defensive on the roads, then we still could have a lot of accidents."

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"It's not that I worry about how I drive, I'm more worried about how other people drive," said Renee Asuncion who commutes to work at Goodman Building Supply, right off Highway 101 in Mill Valley.

The store has piles of sandbags in case of flooding and Asuncion says people have been buying up their supply of tarps, rain jackets and boots.

Asuncion just wishes people would also prepare for rainy roads.

"We were in the slow lane going 45 to 50, people were still going like 75 to 80, like they didn't care. My main concern is that we don't get into a car accident."

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A mechanic told ABC7 that replacing your windshield wipers and applying Rain-Ex on your windshield are quick and easy things you can do to make sure you and everyone driving around you are safe on the road this winter.

Tires with good treads are also important on slippery roads.
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