Commuters prepare for BART Transbay Tube closure

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- There will be no BART service from Oakland to San Francisco and it will be tough getting get across the bay this weekend. While there is a contingency plan, transportation agencies fear getting to and from the city will be painful.

BART will begin rebuilding some of the tracks inside the Transbay Tube. Eventually, this will make for a faster and smoother ride on BART. But in the meantime, this weekend prepare for a bumpy and frustrating trip to and from Oakland.

"It will be a disaster, a nightmare, just no way to get anywhere," Oakland resident Scott Karpowicz said.

BART has paired with several agencies to transport people on shuttle buses located between the 19th Street and West Oakland stations. There will also be extra ferries this weekend.

"With the help of San Francisco Muni, with the help of AC Transit, with the help of SamTrans and with Golden Gate Transit, all of whom have committed vehicles and drivers to this Transbay effort. That's going to help..." John Goodwin from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission said.

People are also encouraged to carpool. Still, that's not enough because an estimated 100,000 people use BART on any given weekend day.

Oakland city officials are encouraging people to stay in the East Bay to attend the Art and Soul Festival happening this weekend. Among the performers is well-known percussionist Sheila E.-- an Oakland native.

"The weather is going to be amazing, why not hang out with some friends? Come in groups, come with your family, it's going to be a blast," Sheila E. said, "We're also going to have my family, my dad, my brothers, my cousin, my nephews. I'm pulling everyone on stage with me. We're going to have a blast."

The lessons learned this weekend will help transit agencies prepare for the next and final closure on the weekend of September 5.

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