Curbside drop-off, pick-up at SFO will cost more for Lyft, Uber riders

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Uber and Lyft users will soon have to pay more to be dropped off or picked up at SFO. There is so much congestion that the airport commission is expected to approve a two-tier pricing system, one for curbside users and another for those who don't mind walking a short distance.

Congestion here is being blamed on the number of Uber and Lyft cars that pick up and drop off passengers.

SFO thinks they've found a solution. They now want to charge premium pricing for curbside access.

But a lower fare would be charged to those who are wiling to walk to the central garage. The top level would be converted to a drop-off and pick-up area.

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Merchants on Chestnut Street say they see it all day long - Uber and Lyft drivers stopped in the middle of the street, waiting for passengers.

Some say they don't mind paying extra. "For one thing, we consider things like our age now, the convenience of coming door-to-door," said Rebecca McWhorger of Sacramento.

"Walking a little to save on the price, that's why we get Uber I think," expressed Breda Kellner, who is fine with the two-tier pricing structure.

Many are asking how much more will they have to pay.

The difference in price is still being negotiated between the ride sharing companies and the airport. Regardless of what they decide, the airport commission says the new fees will be in place by July 1.

Here is how Uber responded Friday: "The proposed fee increase goes against SFO's consumer-friendly approach and will not help to reduce congestion at the airport."

Meanwhile, the taxi companies say the new structure is fair, since they are not allowed to pick up passengers at curbside.

"I'm glad, they deserve that, for the cab drivers, for the cab drivers," said one cabbie, who did not want to identify himself.

The extra funding would go directly to SFO for roadway maintenance and improvement.

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