Drivers complain about potholes on South Bay highways

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- All the storms mean there are new trouble spots popping up all the time on highways throughout the Bay Area. But one particular stretch of highway in the South Bay is generating a lot of complaints.

From southbound I-85 to southbound 101 in San Jose you will come across plenty of road damage.

In some spots the road is so bumpy it appears that cars are actually jumping off of the pavement.

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"I have a low car so you definitely feel it when you're going," one driver told ABC7 News.

Caltrans says their engineering staff is reviewing the road conditions.

They say the spot on the connector ramp is one of many areas directly impacted by the past winter storms and excessive water runoff.

Their crews are spread thin and it could take a few more days before any repair plan can even be discussed.

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"Honestly it's like a roller coaster. Everybody in the car gets ready because you're going to go flying. It lifts you out of the seat. It's that significant," said Gina Marie, a San Jose resident.

In the meantime drivers in those areas are being warned to just take it slow.
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