'Leap' luxury bus service launches in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Your smartphone has turned into the key for your commute.

Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing companies have grabbed a lot of attention, but now, a new bus service called Leap is jumping into San Francisco's transportation game.

"Leap has completely redesigned the daily commute. Think of it kind of like a lounge on wheels. We've set out to take out all the hassle to getting to work," explained Kyle Kirchhoff, Leap co-founder and CEO.

PHOTOS: Inside the new Leap buses

It's being described as a blend of a coffee shop, work space and living room.

Starting Wednesday, four buses will run during the morning and evening commute.

It has eight stops on the route from the Marina District on Lombard Street to the downtown.

"I did the cost benefit analysis. Uber can get expensive during the day. Plus this is fun. You get to meet people, probably in the tech community, so yeah, I like it. And there's food! Gotta love that!" said Lauren Willis, a Leap passenger.

The food option is unique. Riders also get Wi-Fi and USB outlets. And you pay for everything on your app.

Single rides are $6, but it can drop to less than $4 if you buy in bulk or use pre-tax commuter benefits.

Leap says you won't have to wait at the bus stop. You can see where the next bus is on your app and if a seat is available.

Leap expects more people to jump on if the early adopters are impressed.

Leap passenger Sam McChesney seems to like it. "It's nice. It's certainly more comfortable than any bus I've been on."
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