New Antioch BART extension to bring relief for East Bay commuters

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- Relief is coming this week to commuters on the Highway 4 corridor.

The Antioch BART extension will open this Saturday. Two new stations are coming online past Pittsburg-Bay Point.

Most people are looking forward to the added service, but not everyone.

Some east Bay commuters who take BART-still have to deal with this morning traffic. They have to push through this traffic on highway four to get from Antioch to Pittsburg-the location of the last Bart station on the line.

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BART riders are calling the transit service "gross," "dangerous," and downright "disturbing."

"In the mornings I don't get on there I take the back streets," Antioch resident Ivy Bland said.

It will start carrying passengers this Saturday. The ten-mile ride will be life changing for people trying to get to and from Antioch. Consider one example we found an Oakland resident trying to get to Deer Valley High School every day deep in Antioch.

"It takes about 50 minutes on the bus so I can get a little more sleep it will save time and extra dollars from taking the bus," Kayla Fleming said.

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But, some Pittsburg residents are not as excited. They know it will be good for traffic- but say they will lose their status as first on the train

"We might have the possibility of not getting a seat, which is kind of concerning. But as a commuter I do take it often enough think it's great for traffic on Highway 4," said Pittsburg resident Melinda Moran.

But generally there is a lot of enthusiasm about what these new trains will do for the congested area. This opening will be celebrated at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday.

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