Number of potholes increase in the Bay Area, how to report them

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Potholes can be a road hazard or drivers in the Bay Area, particularly during the winter, rainy months.

Potholes form when cracks in the pavement are filled with water, creating air gaps inside the pavement washing away the rocks and soil underneath the pavement.

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The asphalt or concrete then softens and begins to break under the weight of passing cars, creating a pothole.

The situation can be even worse in the Sierra and other places where it snows because the water that seeps under the pavement will freeze and expand.

So what can you do if you hit a pothole? If the road is maintained by Caltrans, you can fill out a damage report claim.

HIT A POTHOLE? File a claim with the DMV here.

Be aware that most claims need to be made within 6-months o the incident.
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