Report: BART board to consider study on fare increase

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- BART leaders are preparing to take the first step toward raising fares and cutting service. They say ridership is down and it needs more money.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, BART's board will consider authorizing a fare-increase study to see how another fare hike would impact minority and low-income communities.

Fares are already set to go up in January by 2.7 percent to match inflation. And listen up if you're one of the riders who uses the paper tickets at the station machines. The Chronicle also reports BART is hoping to persuade riders to use Clipper Cards and are considering charging more for the paper tickets.

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So why the need for more money? BART officials say they face a $15 million to $25 million deficit this fiscal year with ridership down. A hiring freeze is already in place and BART is considering other cost cutting moves like starting trains an hour later.

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