SFMTA U-Turns On Proposal To Remove L-Taraval Stop

After complaints by residents and an intervention by Supervisor Norman Yee, SFMTA has reversed course and will keep a L-Taraval stop that was set to be removed near a supermarket, The Examiner reports.

"I appreciated this opportunity to lead the community effort to save this important stop which so many people rely on to commute and shop for groceries," said Yee in a statement, adding that he strongly opposed the transit agency's plan to remove the stop on a trial basis.

Several residents spoke up in favor of the stop during a SFMTA Board of Directors meeting this month. A spokesperson reached by the Examiner confirmed that the stop will remain.

A pilot stop at 26th Avenue. | PHOTO: FIONA LEE/HOODLINE

As we reported earlier this month, the stop's removal would have been part of the $90 million L-Taraval Rapid Project between West Portal station and San Francisco Zoo. One of the project's goals is to enhance safety for people boarding and disembarking Muni.

A final vote by Muni's Board regarding the stop removal was scheduled for this summer.

"Although I appreciate that the SFMTA is trying to balance rider safety, access for people with disabilities, local merchant parking and improving transit efficiency," Yee said, "I thought there might be a better way forward."

He also announced a plan to improve safety and transit reliability. Yee proposed the construction of a wheelchair-accessible ramp at the existing location, as well as a full boarding platform between 17th and 16th avenues.

The surrounding stops between West Portal Tunnel to 17th Avenue will also be reconfigured to improve transit efficiency.

"I want to thank the community members who have worked so hard to keep this stop and the SFMTA staff for being willing to work on a new proposal," said Yee.