St. Mary's graduate shot, killed by husband in Uber vehicle in Seattle

SEATTLE -- Police say a woman killed early Sunday in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood was shot by her husband during an argument in a ride-hailing vehicle.

Local media reports the 31-year-old Cameron Espitia is being held on $3 million bail for investigation of homicide in the death of 29-year-old Jennifer Espitia, who has ties to the Bay Area. She graduated from Saint Mary's College in Moraga.

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Probable cause documents say an Uber driver told police that the Espitia's were arguing in his vehicle. The driver told police he then heard a boom and thought a tire had burst, but he realized Jennifer Espitia had been shot.

Police say the driver kept driving on Cameron Espitia's orders. Eventually, he ordered the driver to pull over, so he dropped him off and called the police.

Police say the woman was shot in the head and died at a Seattle hospital.

Police say Espitia told them he was having a bad night and had been drinking.

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