Two major traffic back-ups test drivers' in San Leandro, on Bay Bridge

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- From San Francisco to San Leandro, it's been a difficult day on the roads for Bay Area commuters.

Police negotiators spent at least 2 hours talking with a man who climbed the Bay Bridge Wednesday.

California Highway Patrol says it was a bridge tow truck driver who noticed the man's truck initially broken down on the bridge.

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"When he pulled in behind to render aid the driver in the truck just climbed out and essentially jumped over the railing and then climbed up to center anchorage," said Officer Vu Williams with CHP.

Westbound Bay Bridge traffic was backed up frustrating drivers. The man initially refused to talk to negotiators. A team of SFPD negotiators with expertise were called in to assist.

Around 1:00 p.m. the man came climbed down. CHP tweeted a picture of him hugging his girlfriend.

CHP says he'll receive a mental psych evaluation and could face charges.
"He could face anywhere from resisting arrest to delaying, blocking traffic," said Officer Williams.

Meanwhile, drivers in San Leandro were still caught in traffic after a big-rig overturned on a connector ramp from Northbound Highway 880 to southbound Highway 238.

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CHP says the big rig spilled a hazardous material resulting in a shelter in place at a CalTrans building. The driver had minor injuries.

Crews blocked off a storm drain before righting the overturned vehicle so that in case of a second spill, they would limit the spread of the hazardous acid.

CHP said the connector would be closed until after rush hour Wednesday.
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