CHP, drivers not amused by motorized scooter riders on Bay Bridge

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Afternoon commuters were stunned to see two motorized scooter riders on the Bay Bridge.

It was the stunt that threw a wrench into the afternoon commute and had drivers wondering how the two riders made it on to the bridge for a joyride.

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One driver used his cellphone to capture two young men riding their motorized scooters in the Bay Bridge's eastbound fast lane, snarling Thursday afternoon's commute.

The driver wants to stay anonymous and says he's spotted the scooter duo on First Street and expected them to turn right on Howard Street, but they kept going straight, right on to the bridge.

The pair seemed to be having a blast.

"It seems like they didn't care," said the driver. "Having a fun time..."

The CHP got several reports about the riders on the bridge but officers never found them.

Upon seeing the video, CHP Officer Vu Williams says it's a first. "Completely illegal. Not a motor vehicle, not a motorcycle. It cannot be on the freeway."

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If you've walked the streets of San Francisco recently, you've probably seen them -- motorized scooters parked randomly on the sidewalk.

Lime sent ABC7 News a statement saying, "We condemn this misuse of our scooters and are looking into this incident and may take action to remove these users from our platform."

This week, San Francisco issued an ultimatum to scooter companies to remove them from city streets by June 4, while officials work on a permitting process.

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