In a controversial move, BART board voted not to expand to Livermore

LIVERMORE, Calif. (KGO) -- A feeling of frustration filled the packed BART board meeting. After hours of testimony, the board voted down the possibility of BART expanding to Livermore.

Right now the line stops in Dublin.

Andrew Sandoval lives in Stockton but commutes to the city every day.

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He said, "It takes me 2.5 hours each way. Yeah, so I'm damn near pulling a part-time job commuting to work and get back home."

Many here have similar commuter horror stories.

Sal Parisi lives in Livermore and said, "during the week I leave at 5 a.m. to get to work for a 7 o'clock start I'm only 35 miles away."

Still, many living right here in Oakland, want the dollars to be spent elsewhere.
Jerry Cauthers said, "Something like a high tech bus, comfort inside and efficiency outside."

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Victoria Fierce said, "why are we building out in the suburbs when we could be improving on the core system that people like me who live in Oakland use all the time."

The Board could have voted several different ways, including building a light rail or creating a commuter bus system.

In the end, members decided to take no further action until June 30th.

It's no coincidence that coincides with when a separate entity called the Tri-Valley San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail Authority takes over future expansion plans.

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