Love Pixar movies? Add these destinations to your travel bucket list


One of the things that we love about Pixar films is that we are able to experience worlds in them that are both familiar and fantastical. If you're like us, you've probably dreamed about fighting bad guys with the Incredibles, or hanging out with the Toy Story gang. While the doors to those worlds, (and the Monster world) might not opening any time soon for us, there are many Pixar films that are based in places we can actually visit! So, we decided to put together a travel bucket list of real locations, inspired by the beautiful Disney Pixar places we want to see.

The Great Barrier Reef -- Finding Nemo

Ah the big blue, we imagine that it's really big... and really blue. In all seriousness though, we think it would be amazing to travel to THE ocean that inspired Finding Nemo's underwater setting. Swimming among the Dorys and the Marlins would be pretty spectacular. Hey, maybe we'll even find Nemo while we're there!

Route 66 -- Cars

One day, we plan on motoring west, and taking a road trip down the highway from Cars. In its heyday, this highway was the only way for travelers to get from Chicago to Los Angeles, and visit cities like St. Louis, Mo and Flagstaff, Arizona (don't forget Winona, too). Thanks to preservation efforts, you can still travel many stretches of this highway, see awesome roadside attractions, and of course, get your kicks... on Route 66.

Paris -- Ratatouille

Paris, the City of Lights, or as Remy from Ratatouille calls it, "Paris baby, my town!" Yes, we dream of one day visiting this iconic city and mastering the art of French cooking (and eating) like Remy. We could take a boat ride down the Seine, cycle through the city, and eat all the baguettes.

Space -- Wall-E

Well, this is a bucket list, and a bucket list wouldn't be complete without the real location that is: outer space. If Wall-E can go there, why can't we? Wait, don't answer that, we don't want practical answers getting in the way our dream of dancing through outer space like Wall-E and EVE.

Angel Falls, Venezuela -- Up

Did you know that Paradise Falls from Up was inspired by the very real Angel Falls in Venezuela? Another fun fact: Angel Falls is also the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall. If those facts aren't enough to get you booking your trip to Venezuela, we don't know what is. (We'll probably go by airplane, rather than a flying house.)

Scotland -- Brave

The history, the lochs, the haggis! We want to experience it all in Scotland. We definitely want to visit the Highlands (where the Disney Pixar artists drew inspiration from different locations like the Calanais Standing Stones, and Dunnottar Castle). And after attending the Highland Games, we plan on spending the rest of our time letting our hair flow in the wind as we ride through the glen, firing arrows into the sunset. That's not just us right?

Which real Pixar location is on your bucket list? Tell us in the comments below!

This post originally appeared on Oh My Disney.

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