NAACP issues travel advisory for American Airlines passengers

The NAACP says African Americans should exercise caution when booking and boarding flights on American Airlines.

This warning comes after multiple passenger interactions with American Airlines that the NAACP calls a pattern of disturbing incidents. They include an African American man forced off a flight after an incident with two white passengers and an African American woman who purchased two first-class tickets and was moved to coach while her white companion was allowed to stay in first class.

The NAACP says these examples and a couple of others suggest racial bias and cannot be dismissed as normal or random.

American Airlines responded to the advisory with an invitation to the NAACP to meet saying: "We are committed to having a meaningful dialogue about our airline and are ready to both listen and engage."

There is no word on when that meeting will take place.

Click here to read a memo from the American Airlines CEO to employees on the NAACP travel advisory.

Click here for the NAACP's statement on the travel advisory.
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