Passengers from evacuated Newark plane arrive at SFO

NEWARK, New Jersey (KGO) -- Passengers evacuated from a United flight that caught fire before taking off from Newark, New Jersey last night have finally arrived at their destination -- San Francisco, safe and sound.

The was relief at SFO's baggage claim at about 4 a.m. when passengers from United Flight 1579 arrived in the Bay Area from Newark about four hours late.

"It was terrifying, but only for a second," said Dayna Goldfine, passenger.

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An engine caught fire while the plane was taxiing on the tarmac before takeoff, last night. The passengers were told to evacuate immediately.

"And then the flight attendant announced 'everybody take off your seat belt and rush to the exit.' And, the lights were switched off and when we reached the exits, the chutes were already deployed, slid down the chutes, there fire engines and everything around," said Sri Rem, passenger.

Once passengers made it down to the tarmac, they were then taken back to the terminal. Some of them shaken, five had minor injuries -- including Oakland resident Portia Dixon.

"I exited the back of the plane and when I was jumping off the tarp people were just piling up behind me. You know, a gentleman landed on my leg. A stewardess just said run as fast as you can away from the plane," said Dixon.

Paramedics asked if Dixon wanted to go to the hospital to get her ankle checked out.

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