Utah family searching for nanny to travel the world with them

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How's this for a job opportunity - you get to travel the world for free and not only that, get paid to do it. But you have to like kids.

How's this for a job opportunity - you get to travel the world for free and not only that, get paid to do it. But there's a small catch.

It sounds like an amazing job offer. Derek and M'Kenzie Tillotson from Utah made a YouTube video, offering to pay someone to travel the world with them and their three children for a year. "We'll be paying a monthly salary of $1,200 to $1,500," they said.

But here's the catch - you better like kids. "When she was born and we just realized, OK, there's two of us and there's three of them. We wanted to enjoy this as well," Derek said.

About 19,000 people have applied to be the Tillotson's traveling nanny and now the hard part.

"I thought there'd be the Marry Poppins candidate and she'd fall out of the sky and she'd be so perfect for our family. But we're finding that everybody is such a great candidate," Derek said.

Derek and M'Kenzie are planning on picking someone in early February and taking off in late spring or early summer.

"From New York City, we would go to Iceland and from Iceland into Scandanavia and then tour the rest of Europe with our family and see places like Turkey and Croatia," Derek said.

The Tillotsons will return to Utah for Christmas and then head west. "January of next year, we'll be in Hawaii, and then from there we'll travel into Asia and the Pacific," he added.

It's not all play. The Tillotsons still plan on working for their product distribution business and the kids will need to be home schooled. But it's an adventure that has inspired many people on social media.

M'Kenzie said, "I got a lot of messages that have said. 'You've inspired me to remember what my dreams are and I can make them happen.'"

Do you want to apply? Well, the Tillotsons were so overwhelmed by the response that they've closed the formal application process. But they do have a waiting list.

If you'd like to sign up to be on the waiting list, click here.
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