San Francisco supervisors to vote on Treasure Island toll plan

TREASURE ISLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Today, San Francisco Supervisors are set to vote on a plan to charge tolls to enter and leave Treasure Island.

New housing is being built on the island and authorities want to charge new residents a toll to help pay for public transportation options.

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The board, known as the Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency, will meet today and possibly vote on whether to charge a toll for people coming to Treasure Island. They plan to use the money to help pay for new bus lines and new ferry service. The goal is to discourage driving during peak hours and get people using public transportation.

The cost will vary based on time of day -- $3.50 during commute times, free late at night.

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Opponents worry about how this will affect low-income residents. They worry they will get priced out. They plan to speak out at the meeting today.

If it passes, the toll will be in place in a couple years in 2021.
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