'It is fixed': San Francisco Democrats not at all surprised by impeachment vote

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- History was made on Wednesday as the Republican-controlled Senate voted to acquit President Trump on both articles of impeachment.

In San Francisco, nobody from either party was at all surprised.

"It is fixed. I have no doubt about that," Nathan Avani, a San Francisco Democrat, told ABC7 News.

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"He's going to be acquitted," John Dennis, San Francisco Republican Party chairman, said.

But that's about as far as it gets when it comes to finding common ground. Just one Republican - Mitt Romney - made history and broke ranks to convict President Trump on one charge.

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin slammed the Senate impeachment trial for a lack of fairness and transparency.

"The fact that the senate didn't allow witnesses, didn't allow presentation of substantive evidence," Boudin said in an interview with ABC7 News," That is not fair, that is not due process. That is not the level of independence that the constitution and the American people required."

"I think the impeachment process has severely damaged the integrity of all three branches of government," he added.

The vote came just hours after President Trump's State of the Union, where the riff's between the parties were on full display. The President refused to shake Nancy Pelosi's hand and Pelosi later tore up his speech.

"Oh, wonderful! Pelosi is great," Avani remarked about that moment.

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Dennis, however, described it as "childish."

"It was a petulant child who is losing this impeachment business and is behaving as such," he said.

Dennis is running for Pelosi's congressional seat. He believes the impeachment will only add momentum for the President's reelection.

"The Democrats, and specifically Nancy Pelosi, made a really big mistake with this impeachment business," he said, "And now they're showing an ineptitude in Iowa that's not going to encourage people to vote Democrat."

The President seemed to agree. Following the vote, he tweeted out this video, indicating he thinks he will win four more years - and could keep winning "4eva."

But Democrats also feel energized.

"We've got the election in November and, you know, that's the next time we get to speak," Laura Grogan, a Democrat from Santa Cruz, said.

"I think anyone, I'll vote for anybody that will get him out of there," Avani exclaimed. "That's how I feel."
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