President Trump expected in Bay Area tomorrow

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- President Trump is coming to Palo Alto tomorrow for a fundraising event, ABC News has learned.

"We're glad to have a president that comes here to lend some support to the Republican cause in our state," said Shane Patrick Connelly, chairman of the Santa Clara County Republican Party.

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As local law enforcement gear up for the president's visit, protesters are preparing to mobilize. Nearly $4,000 has been raised by the Backbone Campaign to fund the flying of its 'Baby Trump' balloon. Another group, Vigil 4 Democracy, says it will fly its 'Chicken Trump' to protest the president.

"Some people on the left have proven that they are not willing to let people gather peacefully, and hear the candidate of their choice, that they will attack them physically, and we don't want to a see a repeat of that," said Connelly.

Politico initially reported the event would take place in Atherton, but police there say the Trump campaign canceled those plans.

This is President Trump's first visit to the Bay Area since taking office. His last trip was in June of 2016, as a candidate, when some of his supporters were attacked by demonstrators at a rally in San Jose.

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You might also remember his arrival at the State GOP convention in April of that same year, when Mr. Trump stopped his motorcade on Highway 101 behind the Burlingame Hyatt, and then jumped over a median to access the hotel.

"It used to be that Hollywood was the big ATM for California politicians, but now Silicon Valley is donating even more," said San Jose State University political science professor, Melinda Jackson.

Tickets for Tuesday's fundraising luncheon ranged from $1,000 to $100,000. Sources say the event appears to be sold out.

"He was the political outsider last time. He got a lot of free media, and it's going to be a very different campaign for him this time around," said Jackson.
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