TSA asking foreign airports to focus on powders at airports

U.S. security officials will require more screening of powdered substances in carry-on bags on international flights headed to the United States starting at the end of the month.

The Transportation Security Administration says enhanced screening, including the powder policy, has been implemented domestically over the past year, but starting June 30 it will be expanding to foreign airports with direct flights to the U.S.

The Transportation Security Administration says powders, like protein powder, baby powder or cosmetics that are powder based, are allowed in a carry-on bag. But if they're in a container bigger than 12 ounces, basically the size of a soda can, it could lead to agents advising passengers they either have to throw it out or put them in checked baggage.

Officials say explosives still pose the greatest threat to commercial aviation, but there are certain powders, like fentanyl or pepper powder, that could cause problems on the aircraft.

Sunnyvale resident Philip Brooks doesn't risk the delay at security when packing for his flight:

"Anything that would give them problems going through the check in line. I don't want to bother them so I try to help them out, and I put all of my stuff in my luggage, and I check it, and they like it," said Brooks.

Others, like Los Angeles resident Sean Ahearn, say the policy is silly. "Sure another layer of stuff to deal with. Take off your belt, your shoes, your socks, everything, so let's just leave our powders alone," said Ahearn.

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