EXCLUSIVE: San Jose tenant complains of no running water in complex since November

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Residents of a rural apartment complex in San Jose say they have been running out of water since early November.

The state says the water supply was illegally connected to a creek.

"No running water to bathe. We cannot cook," said a Twin Creeks resident who only wanted to be identified as Michael. "You have to use bottled water."

Michael doesn't want his identity revealed for fear of being evicted.

He is one of some 40 residents who live in rustic cabins on the converted resort. When they started running out of water in early November the state told them the supply from Twin Creeks was contaminated with E. coli bacteria and that the landlord was illegally using the creek as a water source.

Residents were told to boil the water that came from a well on the property, but the well was running dry and the complex's water system was leaking.

Last Friday the state told residents to begin using only bottled water.

"There's no running water to this day to flush toilets," Michael told ABC7 News. "You have to get water from a creek or use the bottled water they gave us to fill our toilet tanks which is unacceptable."

Michael stores water in coolers to flush his toilet. Cases of bottled water for residents have been left outside the manager's office by county emergency services.

"The neighbor I have next door, she has a child," Michael continued. "He cannot bathe or get ready for school."

The landlord has offered $75 to residents who want to move to a hotel. Michael says he and many others can't get afford to move or find a place that cheap.

"So right now, we're just waiting, waiting," Michael said. "We don't know what to do and we need help."

The state tells ABC7 News it's considering administrative sanctions against the landlord.
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