EXCLUSIVE: SJ landlord accused of providing contaminated water says e. Coli is gone

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The tenants of Twin Creeks Properties, an old resort that's been converted into an apartment complex, say they've been out of potable water off and on since Nov.

EXCLUSIVE: San Jose tenant complains of no running water

The California Water Resources Control Board is telling them to use only bottled water. The agency says the landlord was illegally using a spring as a water source and that it was contaminated with e. Coli bacteria.

Gilbert Marosi is the landlord. He says a well on the grounds supplies most of the water. The spring was a backup which was used when some of the pipes froze during a cold spell. Marosi says he reconnected the pipes, defying the order. "It's been continuously inspected by the water agency and they have full knowledge of the spring tanks," he told ABC7 News.

Marosi says he's had the water tested on his own and the e. Coli is gone. The state water agency disagrees. "The spring does not receive treatment and the water system has never sought a permit to provide treatment," said Stefan Cajina of the state Water Resources Control Board.

The landlord says the spring was grandfathered in and when the property was developed in the 1940s and that it doesn't need a permit. "They tell me it's not backed up by the statute. It's not backed up by any law. As a matter of fact it's criminal," said

"We can use the court system. We can sue the state attorney general to purse this," said

Marosi says he's a victim of oppression. The state says he's violating the law.
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