Report: Ride-hail companies causing traffic congestion in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO -- A San Francisco agency is saying part of the reason our streets are so congested is because there are too many ride-hail company cars on the road.

The San Francisco Examiner is reporting there are 45,000 Uber and Lyft drivers on the streets of San Francisco and that is a major factor in the congestion in the city.

Compare that to 1,800 taxi cabs - drivers say it's making a difference and they notice it.

"I believe that's very true. There's a lot of drivers on the road and most of them don't know how to drive. I see a lot of them breaking the law, making illegal U-turns, unsafe just to make a quick extra buck," San Francisco commuter Brandon said.

The SFMTA told the Examiner they think there needs to be local regulation of the industry, especially since this year San Francisco was rated as having the third worst traffic congestion in the country.

Uber and Lyft did not comment on the report.