Uber keeps using self-driving vehicles in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Uber has no plans to adhere to state regulations on self-driving vehicles.

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California's DMV said the vehicles are illegal and should not be tested on San Francisco streets.

Mayor Ed Lee also demanded Uber remove driver-less vehicles from the city.

In a news conference Friday afternoon Uber's Vice President of Self-Driving Tech said regulations do not apply because the vehicles are not autonomous. Instead they're similar to Tesla and it's an autopilot feature that's now in all Tesla vehicles.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles said Wednesday that Uber's move to roll out its self-driving cars is illegal.

The California DMV has since asked the California Attorney Generals to take action. Kamala Harris' statement says in part: Accordingly, we, as attorneys for the Department of Motor Vehicles, by this letter, are asking Uber to adhere to California law and immediately remove its "self-driving" vehicles from the state's roadways until Uber complies with all applicable statutes and regulations. If Uber cannot advise the undersigned that it will immediately remove its self-driving vehicles from California public roadways until it obtains the appropriate permit, as 20 other companies have done, the Attorney General will seek injunctive and other appropriate relief.

Mayor Ed Lee's press office released a statement as well saying: The Mayor maintains the position that Uber stop the testing of autonomous vehicles in San Francisco until an appropriate permit is obtained from the DMV.

Uber is failing to be a respectful civic partner to the city of San Francisco by choosing to put Uber's self-interest before the safety of the residents of their hometown.

While the roads of San Francisco are regulated by the state and the DMV, safety knows no jurisdiction. The Mayor is working with the DMV, state officials and the city attorney's office to explore all possible avenues available to us to enforce state law.

Mayor Lee has been a strong supporter of the advancement and development of autonomous vehicle technology, which must include appropriate state regulation and guarantees of public safety.

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Press attention for Uber's new self-driving vehicles began as positive, then evolved into talk of legal action against the company if the proper permits were not acquired.
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