'Quiet' East Bay community stunned over stabbing

ByJobina Fortson via KGO logo
Wednesday, November 7, 2018
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Investigators say Parker approached his neighbor in a carport, claiming their mail was mixed up and wanted to check. When she declined, he unleashed a brutal attack.

UNION CITY, Calif (KGO) -- Cynthia Vazquez still can't believe what she saw in her quiet Union City neighborhood on Monday morning.

"We could see the blood you know on the street and there was like a shoe and papers were scattered around," Vazquez said.

A neighbor gave ABC7 News pictures that appear to show a man being arrested.

Police said the suspect is 22-year-old Chad Parker.

According to investigators, Parker approached his neighbor in a carport claiming their mail was mixed up and wanted to check. His neighbor said no because she was heading to work.

Police said at that point, Parker entered the victim's car and attacked her by stabbing, slicing, and kicking her multiple times.

Investigators said Parker then walked away, came back, and continued the attack.

According to family, Parker lived with his fiancé and her family in the building next to the victim's.

The family living with Parker said they heard yelling and a car horn honking on Monday morning and called 911. They claim they did not know Parker was involved with the incident at the time.

Neighbors described Parker as a quiet guy.

Police believe the incident stemmed from an attempted robbery.

The incident has the neighbors stunned.

"It's pretty quiet around here," Vazquez said. "No drama, nothing."

Parker is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder.

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