ONLY ON ABC7NEWS.COM: San Francisco Union Street merchants outraged over increased store break-ins

SAN FRANCISCO. (KGO) -- Business owners in one of San Francisco's most trendy shopping destinations are outraged. They say an increase in store break-ins is leaving them beyond frustrated and looking for answers.

Eleanor Carpenter has owned Jest Jewels for 35 years. She recently had her front doors smashed and now has metal bars on the new ones.

"Crooks threw their bodies at the front doors, I think the alarm scared them," said Carpenter.

Thieves made another attempt to break-in thru her front window but only cracked it.

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"It's maddening not frustrating, the city has to do something, other than the garbage," Carpenter added.

Merchants say there's been 8-9 break-ins in the last several months. Most of them happening during overnight hours.

Just last week, someone smashed a window of a clothes store stealing cash and a few items. Pink Bunny lingerie store was also hit.

"They came in and stole cash from register," said manager Murietta Kim.

Farzad Arjmand believes transients could be the culprits.

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Arjmand showed us a surveillance video clip from his shoe store of a woman who throws a cup of coffee in the store and then knocks items of shelves, he then told her to leave.

"We're hoping the mayor can clean up streets, we're still wating to see what happens," said Arjmand.

Police tell merchants no suspects have been identified. Many want to see more patrols on Union Street overnight.

SFPD has not yet responded to ABC7 News about the burglaries.
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