Vandal breaks Trinity Cathedral window and leaves pile of hypodermic needles

San Jose, Calif. (KGO) -- From the sound of church bells at San Jose's Trinity Cathedral to shattered glass. A vandal threw a piece of concrete through a window following a Memorial Day bell concert.

Church office manager Heike Hastings discovered the damage Tuesday morning. "I'm like, oh my god not again because it had happened before and I looked down the stairs and I had noticed the wall," recalled Hastings. What she noticed was a damaged drywall and a round piece of concrete at the bottom of the steps.

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Church surveillance cameras show a man walking from St. James Park towards the church. He picks up a concrete utility access cover, backs away from the building, walks forward again, and then hurls the concrete through a window.

What possessed him to vandalize the church office at 6:45 in the evening is anyone's guess, but fortunately nobody inside said Hastings.

"Maybe he got mad at the bells and figures maybe he takes revenge on the church," she speculated. Trinity held a bell concert earlier that day.

The concrete sidewalk cover is about 6 inches in diameter and not particularly heavy so to prevent this from happening again the church's maintenance worker secured it to the ground with wire and stake.

Hastings says the homeless population in neighboring St. James Park is a problem.

She points to the many windows that have been broken by vandals. "This one has been replaced, this one has been replaced," she said.

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Adding insult to the countless broken windows this man left a pile of hypodermic needles behind outside the building.

"We're hoping that something is being done with the homeless issues because it's not getting better the housing isn't getting any cheaper," said Hastings.

She said church volunteers cook meal twice a month and take them to San Jose shelters.

Hastings turned the surveillance video over to San Jose police and an officer took a report.
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