Dash Cam video shows rocks hitting SUV while driving on San Jose interstate

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The CHP is still looking for a person wanted for throwing rocks at vehicles on Interstate 680 in San Jose.

Dash cam video from over the weekend shows the terrifying moments when two rocks crashed down on an SUV with a woman and her mother inside.

"We're like traumatized and we didn't know what happened to us," said the driver Li Deng.

Li didn't know exactly what happened until she went home and saw the dash cam video.

Deng says she saw, "Just a white guy in a white shirt throwing the two rocks and that's how we get hit."

The CHP investigated and didn't find a suspect.

On Thursday, Caltrans was out there cleaning out debris from a homeless encampment in the area. Rocks could be seen in the center divide.

Since Deng posted the video on social media, the CHP says they've received three calls of people reporting they had similar incidents over the past week or so of rocks being thrown at their cars in the same area on Interstate 680.

"What we need is for people to call us immediately when this happens. Even if you're not sure this is an incident of someone throwing something," said CHP officer Ross Lee.
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