Today is last day to register to vote in California

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The deadline to register to vote in California is Monday and for San Francisco, it's a big day.

An official says he thinks there will be a surge of people on Monday, estimating that they will hit 515,000 registered voters by the end of the day. It would be an all-time high for the city.

He says that a presidential election without an incumbent usually draws in large numbers of people who want to vote.

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It's not exactly an easy stop to fold into the rush of Monday morning, but those who made it to City Hall to register say they were very motivated to get there.

"I think it's really important, first of all, as millennials and also because, you know, just coming to this country as a first generation, being able to work, and go to school and get an education. I think it's really important to put in our two cents," San Francisco resident Shemylah Hooda said.

"I gotta do my part. An unvoted person is a voice unheard," San Francisco resident Dustin Barnett said.

If you were unable to make it in the morning, San Francisco and most other counties will stay open until 8 p.m. so people can register.

"We think it might rain tonight, so we're not going to be outside. We will be just inside the door, so if someone wants to swing by we can run outside, grab a card or facilitate a registration right there at the doors of City Hall," Elections Director John Arntz said.

You can also register online until midnight, but elections officials say to not make a very common mistake. "The main thing there is that they check the box on the online form to sync their signature with DMV with their registration record," Arntz said.

And for those of you who think your vote doesn't count because you live in a state known to vote a certain way -- one voter says that shouldn't deter you.

"Actually, someone did say that to me yesterday. They said it is going a certain way, why do you even want to vote? And I think it's important," Hooda said.

And don't forget the propositions. There are 17 statewide propositions, 25 in San Francisco.

Elections officials say you may want to consider doing it all at home or completing the worksheet before you get to the ballot box.

Election day is two weeks from Tuesday.

You can register online by clicking here.

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