Water main break in Walnut Creek impacts 94 households

Thursday, August 23, 2018
Water main break in Walnut Creek impacts 94 households
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Residents in part of Walnut Creek are waking up without tap water. A broken water main has been capped at Tice Valley Boulevard and Meadow Road.

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- Walnut Creek residents along Tice Valley road got a rude awakening this morning: no running water.

A water main break was to blame. East Bay water officials say a four foot section of an inch cement pipe broke. The pipe has been there since 1956.

A couple of residents say they assumed it must be something wrong on their property when it first happened.

"I immediately went outside to see if we had something broken because that has happened. I walked outside, looked down the street and saw water gushing," said resident Robin Bringolf.

Residents say they weren't too surprised given the age of the neighborhood.

"It has happened before- we had another main break a year or so ago about 400 feet from here. So I think we have aging infrastructure," said Daphne Cothren.

She was relieved to have some extra water on hand that she has stored away in case of an earthquake.

Water officials say they hope to have the water turned back on for the neighborhood by early afternoon. They will have to flush out the pipe before they finish the repair work and warn everyone to expect another rush of water out on the street.