CA Appeals Court hears arguments to keep Warriors arena from Mission Bay

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- There was a battle in court Wednesday over the Warriors planned move to Mission Bay.

The state Court of Appeals heard arguments Wednesday on a legal challenge to block the team from building a new stadium. The proposed arena is slated to be built at 3rd and 16th streets.

Opponents to the Golden State Warriors Arena argued that the environmental impact report was flawed.

"It will not impede the operation of the adjacent hospital and other uses," said Tina Thomas of the Thomas Law Group.

"There'd be significant traffic impacts and noise impacts, so this project is going to have significant impacts," said Susan Brandit of Mission Bay Alliance.

Each side was given an hour to present their arguments before the panel of appeals court justices.

The Mission Bay Alliance, a coalition of UCSF stakeholders, donors, physicians and staff oppose the Warriors 18,000 seat arena, which will be built near the UCSF Mission Bay Campus. A lower court in July upheld the environmental impact report, clearing the way for construction of the massive venue.

It was an important victory not only for the Warriors organization, but for the city. The mayor and the supervisors and UCSF have already endorsed the project.

The alliance have filed a lawsuit claiming the arena would have a devastating impact on traffic and the environment.

Lawyer Susan Brandt represents the alliance.

"There is no analysis of any kind about how this gridlock traffic will affect the development of Mission Bay South," Brandt said. "There are statements that say in a number of places here, don't worry there's no problem.

Attorneys from the arena project defended the environmental impact report, saying the development would not increase the risk to the environment or impede traffic.

"They would not have any kind of unsafe access. They would not block emergency access to the hospital. As a result UCSF supported the project," Tina Thomas of the Thomas Law Group.

The justices have 90 days to issue an opinion, but the lawyers expect a ruling in December.

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