Steph Curry's Brita Super Bowl ad battles online bullying

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry tweeted about his new ad campaign with Brita Friday that battles the stream of online negativity and bullying.

Social causes and politics are making a big showing in this year's Super Bowl ads.

Star power and a slogan - the filtered life - dominate Brita's new campaign, which targets cyber bullying.

"Stephen Curry is a great partner and for us. I don't think there's anyone who exemplifies living the filtered life better than Stephen. He's overcome so much doubt, so much online negativity and noise," Brita Marketing Director Tad Kiddredge told ABC 7 News.

They've tapped into a marketing movement says Leipzig Media Partners expert Adam Leipzig.

"I think it's really effective because one of the things that we're really looking for in advertising is breaking through the noise, breaking through the clutter, and these ads don't so much sell you a product as they sell you an emotion. They sell you an ideology," Leipzig said.

Ideology is a theme millions will be facing as they turn on the Super Bowl this weekend, where ads tackle social issues.
Audi's ad features a young girl racing, and a resonating message.

"Equal pay for equal work. The woman's march it's all very much in the public consciousness right now," Leipzig said.

Budweiser is making a riskier play according to Leipzig, showing an immigrant's struggle and ultimate success.

Do politics translate into sales?

"Of course there can be dangers of any company takes a point of view that is controversial to some of its market. We've seen boycotts in the past. We could see them again," Leipzig said.

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