WATCH: Officer calls for backup on black man for picking up trash

BOULDER, Colo. (KGO) -- The Boulder, Colo., police officer who called for backup on a man for picking up trash outside his own home is on administrative leave. An internal investigation of the incident is also underway.

The officer saw the man in a patio area behind a private property sign at a university housing complex Friday morning and asked if the man was allowed to be there.

The man is black. The officer is white.

Video of the incident shows the man telling police he lived and worked there, as he handed over his student identification. Naropa University has confirmed the man is a student there.

The officer can later be heard ordering the man put down a trash collecting device, which the officer referred to as a weapon.

The officer pulled out his gun when the man refused to put down that device, then called for backup. Several other officers arrived, one with a shotgun drawn.

The man repeatedly told the officers he lived in the building, and refused commands to sit down.

The video goes on for more than 15 minutes until the officers returned the man's identification card to him and left.
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