Here's why some cars in Texas are covered in a reddish-brown film

HOUSTON -- A question a lot of people in Texas were asking Thursday was, "Why is my car covered in a reddish-brown film after last night's
Chief Meteorologist Travis Herzog did some digging using satellite technology and discovered a dust cloud that originated over Zacatecas, Mexico.

Strong winds powered by the winter storm blowing through Texas lofted the rusty colored soil over 10,000 ft. into the air.

The strong winds blowing from the southwest transported that dust over Texas and toward Houston. The dust was then deposited onto your vehicle as a mix of rain and sleet and felt in last night's cold thundershowers.

So, is it safe to wash your car now? Travis said you can go ahead, because the dust cloud has passed us by, but be aware that more storms are in the forecast next week.
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