Bay Area wakes up to another warm winter day

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Families around the Bay Area celebrated the unseasonably warm Valentine's Day weather by heading outdoors. Many flocked to Ocean Beach.

Valentine's Day is all about wearing your heart on your sleeve, only many people didn't wear sleeves at all on Saturday.

Five year old Abbey Hardy was excited about her father-daughter date at the beach.

"I'm going to go on my boogie board, over there, it's the blue board," said Abbey.

Little Azlan discovered his new passion is sand. His mom didn't seem to mind.

"We really don't get this kind of weather in San Francisco so, when you do get it, it's time to come out and enjoy it," said Blietek Villegas Paule of San Francisco.

"We've had some crazy weather this year, we've had more sunny days in the winter. I've been spending a lot of my winter days here on the beach," said Celeste Bernales of San Francisco.

Relocating, well, that might sound good to this group of people from Chicago who just arrived in San Francisco.

"I was hot even stepping off the plane, so I'm loving it, it's gorgeous out here," said Leanna Spungen from Chicago.

There was one near fatal flaw in this beautiful Valentine's Day. A surfer drawn to the waves lost his board and started to struggle.

Thankfully a Good Samaritan and fire department swimmers helped him to shore.

"You can look at the water, but when it's under these extreme hazards stay out of the water," said Battalion Chief Kevin Smith.

"Mitchell's is the bomb, that's the favorite place for me to go," said Lydia Normal of San Francisco.

Many in the Mission District skipped chocolate and opted for pink sundaes instead.

"The stars are lined up, it's just a perfect day for it," said Brian Mitchell of Mitchell's Ice Cream.

He credits the unseasonable heat for the long lines on Valentine's Day.
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