Bay Area residents find ways to beat the heat

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- No region of the Bay Area has been spared from the hot weather, with temperatures expected to match or break record highs. In the South Bay, construction crews and many others had to deal with the heat on Monday.

You can tell it's hot when you see people seeking shade for relief. We turned to an "expert" to describe how hot it is in San Jose.

"It's super, super, super hot," said 5-year-old Coralie Wiselka.

Coralie and her friends decided to take the plunge and cool off in the fountain at Plaza de Cesar Chavez. Some had no hesitation about getting wet, like Melinda Gunnarson's twin girls.

Louie: "How are you going to get home? They're soaking wet."
Gunnarson: "That's okay, they'll dry off a little bit in the sun. It's hot enough. We'll go home and change and start over again."

Fortunately, the state's energy monitor, California ISO, showed there was a comfortable cushion of power to meet demand for electricity on Monday.

San Jose resident Rob Owens, however, is a heat lover and didn't seem to mind temperatures inching toward triple digits.

Louie: "It's already in the 90s right now."
Owens: "But it still feels great. I'm not really sweaty. I enjoy this weather. I don't even use my air conditioner in the car when it's 90 degrees."
Louie: "How do you do that?"
Owens: "I just like the warm weather."

Imagine, though, spreading asphalt in the hot weather. The asphalt is a blistering 280 degrees. No wonder the crew has access to plenty of water and soda. They took breaks in the shade as well.

Golfer Ken Nash says keeping hydrated is vital.

Louie: "So what are you drinking?"
Nash: "Gatorade and stuff like that, soda."
Louie: "You don't want to get dehydrated?"
Nash: "No, no, and water. Especially water."
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