Big Sur landslide will take months to repair

BIG SUR, Calif. (KGO) -- Caltrans says a devastating landslide in Big Sur has a few million tons of rocks and dirt, covering some spots up to 40-feet deep. Engineers are assessing the damage.

It will take months to repair and that's going to cripple businesses like the Ragged Point Inn.

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"We have a serious problem, before the big problem was the Pfeiffer Bridge and now everyone is saying the hard part is the Mud Creek mountain, they gotta go back to the drawing board and figure out what they're going to do, leaving all the businesses up there cut off, and the residents," said Rori Cosma, manager, Ragged Point Inn

You can add this cost to the more than $1 billion in damages caused by the winter storms in California. In comparison, damage from the last fiscal year came in at $660 million.

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