Bursts of rain surprise East Bay residents day after big storm

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- The encore performance to Wednesdays's big storm caught some people by surprise Thursday morning who thought the heavy rain was over.

Alphonso Powell wandered out of his Walnut Creek office without a jacket or umbrella and got a little wet.

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"It's supposed to lighten up today. I thought it was going to be clear," Powell said.

Not the case. Thursday morning's weather made a statement -- surprising John and Stephanie Lopez of Walnut Creek and even getting a reaction from their dog.

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"Oh wow it was really heavy this morning. The wind was blowing, the flags were straight out, there was some thunder and lightning, too," said John Lopez.

"At first I thought planes were flying over the house because we don't usually hear those sounds. It was thundering, booming and John said there was lightning. The dog started crying," Stephanie Lopez said.

Maintenance workers in Walnut Creek were busy clearing leaves out of a clogged storm drain around 10 a.m. It was creating flooding at Olympic Boulevard and South Main Street. The crew said they are very busy now that the big downpours have done their work.

"Once we get the big rain, it comes in and washes everything to the storm drain after the initial first downpour," said maintenance worker Matt Bradley.

But even as people dodge the issues the storm brings, they also look forward to the benefits.

"We need rain. You have to deal with it. Hopefully the snow pack will be nice and we won't have drought conditions In the summer," Powell said.

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