Business booms for roofers in Bay Area after storms

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- No one wants to experience rain drops falling inside their house, however; leaky roofs are making contractors scarce as pounding storms continue to rake the Bay Area.

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There is no such thing as an idle roofer Wednesday. That's not good if you have a leak.

"Some people they need it right away, but unfortunately, we are very very busy," said Victor Fernandez of Los Gatos Roofing.

Those tiny spots on the ceiling were dripping water early Wednesday during a downpour, landing on the face of Lorene Salcido's sleeping son.

A crew covered the leak with a tarp until they could return to put in a roof when the weather clears, however; contractors say the roof isn't always the culprit. It depends on where you live. "When you get a lot of wind that can create a lot of different types of leaks, not all necessarily related to the roof," said Los Gatos Roofing co-owner Randy Brown. "Could be window leaks, could be sliding and stucco leaks, chimney leaks, things of that nature."

So when the phone rings at Los Gatos roofing, they try to diagnose the cause to avoid an unnecessary service appointment.

One thing roofing contractor Alex Bergeron emphasizes is not to delay when you see the first sign of a leak, especially with the heavy rainfall expected from the weekend's storms.

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