Cold snap brings frigid weather to the Bay Area

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Hikers along Concord's Lime Ridge Trail bundled up for a sunny but chilly walk through the open space. Brooke and Kyle Fox said the cold air felt good for a change.

"It actually feels good to feel like it's a little bit of winter instead of feeling like it's already Spring in February," said Brooke. "So I actually enjoy it a little bit."

"I'm hoping that the cold brings a little bit of rain. I know that we need it." said Kyle.

The cold isn't always kind to plants. Some are at risk of dying if not protected.

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Max Schmidtbauer at Sloat Garden Center says the nursery is preparing for freezing overnight temperatures. "We'll cover certain plants with frost blankets or we'll wheel them inside and make sure they are well watered during the cold snap so they don't transpire too much and die." he said.

Schmidtbauer recommends covering succulents, citrus, and small seedlings.

Robert Marshall, the Contra Costa Fire Marshal, wants to remind people of fire-related risks during a cold spell. He says heaters are the third most common cause of home fires.

"The biggest mistake people make is not giving heaters enough space," said Marshall. "They think oh, it's blowing warm air it's not blowing hot air. There's no way it can start a fire but they can absolutely start a fire."

He recommends keeping combustibles at three feet away from a heater.

Concord's homeless shelter has added extra beds. They are doing outreach during the cold nights to offer blankets to homeless sleeping outside.

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