Damage to roads near Muir Beach could leave city landlocked

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More damage to Highway 1 near Muir Beach could leave the beautiful town landlocked, with only one road to get in and out, citizens are struggling to connect to the rest of the Bay Area. (KGO-TV)

People who are lucky enough to live in a picturesque town along the coast at Muir Beach have more to fear than most of us with the upcoming storms. Any more damage to Highway 1 could cut them off completely.

The frail road that leads in and out of Muir Beach has remained unpaired and overused for years.

The concern isn't so much paradise lost as it is paradise being landlocked.

The road to paradise is paved with obstacles, they're marked in the kind of hieroglyphics only decipherable to work crews.

The first obstacle is the always windy Highway 1 between Mill Valley and Muir Beach. It's closed until further notice while Caltrans works out a solution.

Muir Beach residents have seen this before.

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