Morgan Territory Road in Clayton to be closed for months as crews begin repairs

MT. DIABLO, Calif. (KGO) -- A key road in the East Bay will be closed for three months beginning Monday.

Morgan Territory Road in Clayton will be shut down about a mile south from Marsh Creek Road as crews work on storm-related repairs.

The detour has been set-up for local residents. It's narrow, and it's going to take extra time so clearly, the next three months, aren't going to be easy.

Morgan Territory Road is the only way to go for the people who live southeast of Clayton, and for others getting to either Livermore or Antioch, it's a way to bypass the freeways.

Contra Costa County's department of public works acknowledges the inconvenience the closure will have on locals and commuters.

"It's important to remember that with this landslide it was moving up to a foot per day and there was quite a bit of activity below the land which took time for us to assess it," Carrie Ricci with the Contra Costa County Public Works Department said.

The road however, is in need of major repairs. Winter storms caused the earth beneath it to slide, reducing it to one lane and the use of one-way traffic signals.

It's finally now stable enough for crews to begin their work.

Starting Monday at 7 a.m., the key thoroughfare will close in both directions.

A detour has been set up for locals only, by way of the Marsh Creek Detention Facility.

"It's a little slower. I don't know, 10, 15 minutes longer, maybe. Maybe," Morgan Territory resident Marjorie Hanson said.

When it's done, there'll be two structural retaining walls, new drainage, and a water main.

Locals can't wait.

"It's good. Finally get the road finished and done and looking forward to getting somewhat back to normal," Morgan Territory resident Giles Thompson said.

The work is scheduled to be done by October 18th.
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