Fallen tree removed from Petaluma home

PETALUMA, Calif. (KGO) -- Crews worked to clean up a fallen tree that landed on a woman's house Saturday night in Petaluma on Wilson Avenue.

Bridget Mortimer says work being done at her house today weren't the home improvements she had in mind when she moved in.

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"Everyone told me I had to downsize, what a way to do it," said Mortimer.

Originally from Ireland, Mortimer most recently lived in Tahoe. She says her dogs had a hunch something was up Saturday night.

"All night long they paced up and down the house just barking, just barking all night long," said Mortimer.

Sometime during the night, there was a rumbling sound. "It was like a heavy truck going down the street," Mortimer continued.

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In the morning she discovered a large fallen tree out her window.

"I thank God I wasn't injured and it's only a house, it's only a house," said Mortimer relieved.

She says her son's truck took the brunt of the tree's fall.

"I'm very calm I suppose it's my age or something to do with it. It's a very small crisis when you've been faced with other crises in life," Mortimer explained.

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Today as crews cleaned, drivers around Petaluma contended with the conditions.

"It's nuts. A couple of potholes, roads are flooded, nasty day out here," said Peter Rubin.

Mike and Amy McWilliams hoped they'd catch their flight to Sydney Monday night.

"We left snow in Boston so this is very nice," said McWilliams.

While a family from Mountainview wondered if they'd get home.

"We hope that we have enough charge," said Jovanka Ciric Vujkovic.

Downed trees, standing water and whipping winds made Petaluma precarious.

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