Firefighters try to save hose in tug-of-war with firenado in Canada

VANDERHOOF, British Columbia -- Firefighters in British Columbia lost control of their hose when the 'firenado' they were trying to extinguish grabbed it.

Video from the incident on Aug. 19 shows crews holding onto the hose at one point before the fiery twister snatched it.

The firenado formed during the Chutanli wildfire and threw burning logs across the fire control line for 45 minutes.

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Firefighters battling the deadly Carr Fire in Shasta County spotted a fire whirl, often known as a 'firenado,' swirling across a road.

Firefighters say that's when it pulled their hose over 100 feet in the air.

They eventually got their hose, but it was melted. One firefighter was so frustrated during the ordeal, he threw a rock at the twister.

Firefighter MC Schidlowsky, who shared the video on Instagram a couple days ago, said the firenado was more than 200 feet high.

British Columbia is experiencing one of the worst fire seasons on record.
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