Frequent flooding threatens wildlife, drivers in Sonoma County

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- Work has begun to repair a road that has become part of a flowing creek in Sonoma County.

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A "flooding" sign warns drivers about Green Valley Road. Monday was the 62nd straight day that Green Valley Creek has overflowed across the road and into Mark Sanchietti's chardonnay grape vineyard. "This has gotten progressively worse and worse," Sanchietti told ABC7 News.

Green Valley Creek, which runs adjacent to the road, has been overflowing into a vineyard for more than 60 days. Drivers have to make a 45-minute detour.

Residents of the creek, namely native salmon and California freshwater shrimp, often get flushed into the vineyard.

A delicate, two-pronged effort was put into place Monday to keep the creek from flooding and to save the wildlife within. Crews from the Sonoma County Water Agency began clearing brush and deepening the creek channel.

Wildlife biologist Dave Cook goes on a mission to help save some Coho salmon in Green Valley Creek in Sonoma County, Calif. on March, 6, 2017.

Wildlife biologist Dave Cook went on a rescue mission. "This is a fish that just hatched a month or two ago," he said, holding a small Coho salmon netted from Sanchietti's vineyard.

He moved the fish to a safe place. "Well, one at a time, if that is what it takes," Cook told ABC7 News.

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