Heavy rain could bring floods to North Bay over weekend

PETALUMA, Calif. (KGO) -- There was plenty of sunshine across the North Bay on Thursday but as the weekend approaches things are going to take a sharp turn. This weekend a major weather system will hit the entire Bay Area.

At the Marin County Farmer's Market some farmers are still on the fence about whether they'll pitch their tents or not over the weekend, "I will be there. We will tie down the tent. It will be rough," said Javier Toscano who works with the Toscano Family Farm.

But Shelley Arrowsmith says she's going to sit this storm out. "This will be a good day to make up for Sunday, and a bad non-existent day for me."

Further north in Petaluma residents will be watching the river. Two weeks ago, water nearly reached the top of Petaluma's famous D Street Bridge.

The city hasn't seen flooding that bad since 2005 but water did cause problems as recent as last year.

Battalion Chief Jeff Schach told ABC7 News that this weekend, tides will be in Petaluma's favor, "We don't have king tides this weekend but they are close in that seven foot range. So it will come a little more back upstream," said Schach.

Whether you plan to enjoy the rain from the comfort of your home or out and about, there's no denying that it will help curb the longtime drought.
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