Heavy rain still leave water levels low at South Bay reservoirs

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- At Uvas Reservoir in Santa Clara County, many are holding out hope that the Bay Area will get enough rain this spring to help California get out of the drought.

The heavy rain this week has sent billions of gallons of much-needed water to Bay Area reservoirs.

Stevens Creek Reservoir is near capacity, but others have not done as well.

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The largest reservoir in Santa Clara County, Anderson Reservoir, is still just 51 percent full and the Lexington Reservoir is just at 44 percent.

Overall, the ten reservoirs in the South Bay are at 56 percent of capacity and groundwater supply levels are currently low.

"We absolutely don't know what's going to happen next year, It could be one decent year, followed by several more dry years," explained Marty Grimes with the Santa Clara County Water District.

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That also means that despite the rain, conservation efforts still need to be taken seriously.

"Until we're fully recovered, our groundwater levels, statewide reservoirs, are back to normal, we should still continue those water conservation habits that we have adopted," said Grimes.

Back at Uvas Reservoir, visitors take a moment to reflect.

"I came out here last summer, and standing where I am now, I couldn't throw a rock far enough to hit the water, it was that far out, it was that small. But now it's a few feet from us, so it's very exciting to see the dam full like it is," said Bill Faus, a Gillroy resident.

Officials say the water at Uvas will continue to spill over throughout the weekend.

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