How to prepare for a snowstorm

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Here are the things you need to do to be ready when a snowstorm hits. (AccuWeather)

Before the next snowstorm hits, make sure you are prepared by doing these things.

Have fresh fuel on hand for vehicles, snowblowers and generators, AccuWeather suggests. Also have flashlights, a radio, batteries, candles and matches on hand in the event power goes out.

AccuWeather also suggests to have three days worth of water and canned foods, as well as a good amount of any necessary prescription medications.

If you have to drive in a snowstorm, make sure your wiper blades and battery are in good condition. Check your tire pressure and make sure your tires have an adequate amount of tread.

Have at least a half a tank of fuel in your vehicle and check that your car's fluids are topped off. A first aid kit, blankets and snacks are also highly recommended to keep in your vehicle before driving into the snow.
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